Thursday, June 2, 2011

.... and amber waves of PANIC

Last night, Andrew was practically levitating off his chair with anxiety that had no place to go. I was able to reassure him with, "It's okay, we have plenty of time", repeated over and over ad nauseum until he was able to scrape himself off the ceiling.

Today I can't breathe.

It is June 2nd. We are hoping to have our house rented by July 1st. In case you need help with the count, that is less than one month away. We have no renters on the horizon and a LOT of jobs around the place to finish. Lots to sell and do. An exchange student to graduate and his parents to entertain. Furniture to deliver. Floors to lay, gutters to replace. Good-bye parties to throw and attend. Stuff to pack and stuff to give. Schools to finish, cars to sell. Every day, at least one thing is forgotten.

Yesterday, we drove all the way to Elia's dance class in Clackamas to find the door locked and the lights off. Oh yeah, no class this week. That was after pulling the kids out of school 1-1/2 hours early for their immunization appointments only to arrive at the doctor's office (in Portland), pay our co-pay, wait, and then be told that neither of them are due for anything until September. This happening AFTER calling the day before to make sure they actually needed shots.

Yesterday it seemed kind of funny. Today I feel a little cursed. Who will scrape me off the ceiling?